When to replace the Brake Pads on your AUDI A8
Recommended replacement interval for the part category Brake pad set : 30000 km
This replacement procedure can be used for:
AUDI A8 (4E2, 4E8) 2.8 FSI View more

The steps may slightly vary depending on the car design.

This video shows the replacement procedure of a similar car part on another vehicle

All the parts you need to replace – Brake Pads for A8 (4E2, 4E8) and other AUDI models
Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). List of the tools you'll need:
Wire brush
WD-40 spray
Brake cleaner
Anti-squeal paste
Copper grease
Combination spanner #15
Drive socket # 13
Brake caliper wind back tool
Wheel impact socket #17
Ratchet wrench
Torque wrench
Crow bar
Wheel chock
Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). Tip from AUTODOC:
  • Perform the replacement of brake pads in complete set for each axis. This provides effective braking.
  • The replacement procedure is identical for all brake pads on the same axle.
  • All work should be done with the engine stopped.
Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). Take the following steps:
  1. Step 1
    How to change Brake Pads on Audi A8 D3 2002 - free PDF and video manuals
    Open the bonnet. Unscrew the brake fluid reservoir cap.
  2. Step 2
    How to replace AUDI A8 (4E2, 4E8) 3.0 TDI quattro 2003 Brake Pads - step-by-step manuals and video guides
    Secure the wheels with chocks.
  3. Step 3
    Audi A8 D3 4.2 quattro 2004 Brake Pads replacement: free workshop manuals
    Loosen the wheel mounting bolts. Use wheel impact socket #17.
  4. Step 4
    Raise the rear of the car and secure on supports.
    Step 5
    Changing Brake Pads on AUDI A8 (4E2, 4E8) 4.0 TDI quattro 2005 by yourself
    Unscrew the wheel bolts.
    Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). Tip:
    To avoid injury, hold up the wheel when unscrewing the bolts.
  5. Step 6
    How to remove AUDI A8 S8 5.2 quattro 2006 Brake Pads - online easy-to-follow instructions
    Clean the brake caliper fasteners. Use a wire brush. Use WD-40 spray.
  6. Step 7
    How to replace Brake Pads on AUDI A8 (4E2, 4E8) 2007: download PDF manuals and video instructions
    Unscrew the brake caliper fastening. Use a combination spanner #15. Use a drive socket #13. Use a ratchet wrench.
  7. Step 8
    How hard is it to do yourself: Brake Pads replacement on Audi A8 D3 6.0 W12 quattro 2008 - download illustrated guide
    Remove the brake caliper. Use a crowbar.
    Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). AUTODOC recommends:
    Tie the caliper to the suspension or to the body with a wire without disconnecting from the brake hose to prevent depressurization of the brake system.Make sure that the brake caliper is not hanging on the brake hose.Don't press the brake pedal after the brake caliper has been removed. As a result, the piston can fall out from the brake cylinder, and brake fluid leakage and depressurization of the system may occur. Check the brake caliper bracket, brake caliper guide pins and boots. Clean them. Replace, if necessary.
  8. Step 9
    Need to know how to renew Brake Pads on AUDI A8 2009? This free workshop manual will help you to do it yourself
    Remove the brake pads. Use a crowbar.
    Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). AUTODOC experts recommend:
    Measure the brake disc thickness. Upon reaching the wear limit the part must be replaced.
  9. Step 10
    Changing of Brake Pads on Audi A8 D3 2010 won't be an issue if you follow this illustrated step-by-step guide
    Clean the brake caliper bracket from dirt and dust. Use a wire brush. Use a brake cleaner.
    AUTODOC recommends:
    Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). After applying the spray, wait a few minutes.
  10. Step 11
    AUDI A8 3.2 FSI quattro Brake Pads replacement: online guides and video tutorials
    Treat the brake caliper piston. Use a brake cleaner.
    Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). Tip:
    After applying the spray, wait a few minutes.
  11. Step 12
    Replacing Brake Pads on Audi A8 D3 2003 3.0 TDI quattro by yourself
    Press in the brake caliper piston. Use brake caliper wind back tool.
  12. Step 13
    A8 (4E2, 4E8) S8 5.2 quattro 2004 Brake Pads DIY replacement workshop manual
    Treat the brake pads in the area where their surface comes into contact with the brake caliper bracket. Use anti-squeal paste.
    Replacement: brake pads – AUDI A8 (4E_). Tip from AUTODOC experts:
    Make sure the disc surface is clean before installing the pads.
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