PCS: description, features, and operating principle

PCS: description, features, and operating principle

PCS (Precision Control System) is an electronic stability control system, which was installed on Oldsmobile cars. It was first used in 2000 on the Intrigue saloon. It improves the vehicle’s handling and stability while manoeuvering, for instance, by preventing skidding when driving around obstacles.

How PCS works

The actual vehicle direction is assessed by analysing the following:

  • the rotation speed of the wheels; 
  • the vehicle’s yaw rate;
  • the lateral acceleration rate.

If the actual path doesn’t match the intended one, the system sends a command to the ABS hydraulic unit. The ABS pump activates, increasing the pressure in a certain brake circuit. As a result, an individual wheel is slowed down. Consequently, the vehicle’s trajectory is restored, as well as the grip of the slipping wheels on the road surface. 

Popular Oldsmobile models equipped with PCS

Reasons for PCS malfunction

  • Damaged wiring of the ABS sensors or oxygen sensor. 
  • Dirt build up on the ABS sensors.
  • Low level of brake fluid.


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