How to fix a knocking and creaking suspension

How to fix a knocking and creaking suspension

  1. Check the shock absorbers.
    Make sure there are no oil leaks on them.

  2. Check the bushings.
    If there are loose components or cracks in the rubber parts, this means they’re worn out.

  3. Check the ball joint.
    Make sure there are no cracks on the dust cover and no excessive play in its housing.
    A knocking noise when cornering is the most common sign of a defective ball joint.

  4. Observe how the wheels are working.
    If the car wanders, and the steering wheel angle has decreased, inspect the steering knuckle carefully.

  5. Check the arms, paying special attention to their fasteners and seals.

  6. Check the steering system.
    If you notice the steering wheel shimmying and hear unusual sounds, check the tie rods and tie rod ends.
    If you were able to locate the problem by following these steps, just replace the defective part.
    If not, you’ll need to contact a repair service.


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