How to check the ball joint for wear

How to check the ball joint for wear

  1. Check the dust covers.
    If there are cracks in them, you should replace the ball joints.

  2. Put your hand on the spare part housing and ask an assistant to rock the wheel.
    If there is a loose ball stud in the ball joint housing, you will definitely feel it.

  3. Jack up your car.
    Place a prepared jack stand under the ball joint housing.
    Slightly lower the car to load the spare part being tested. The wheel should remain suspended and rotate freely.
    Ask an assistant to hold down the brake pedal. Try to rock the wheel, holding it at the top and bottom.
    You can only detect it in a certain wheel position, so ask your assistant to slowly turn the steering wheel one way and the other.

  4. Insert the flat end of the tyre iron between the suspension arm and the stub axle, and push down the handle of the tyre iron.
    Watch the ball joint as you do this. You will definitely notice if there is excessive play in the ball joint.


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