How to fix a cracked windshield

How to fix a cracked windshield

Repairing cracks on windscreen is one of the most popular services provided by garages. High vulnerability to damage is explained by the location of the windscreen: stones and other objects can fly out from under the wheels of the cars ahead. Tree branches can also scratch glass. Chips and cracks are sometimes caused by hail. Damage doesn’t always mean that you need to replace the glass. In some cases, it can be repaired. Here we tell you when it is possible to restore the part and what the driver should do in case of defects.

Can I drive with a cracked windscreen?

 Any damage to the windscreen should be repaired immediately after it has occurred. There are several reasons for this: 

  • Being exposed to vibration and temperature changes, defects can increase in size, which makes it no longer possible to fix a cracked windscreen. The component will have to be replaced.
  • The presence of cracks is an obstacle to obtaining an appropriate certificate when doing an inspection. Operating a vehicle without this document is illegal.
  • Visibility deterioration. Cracks, chips and scratches impair the visibility, can distort the image, and act as an annoying factor. All this leads to reduced alertness of the driver and can cause an accident. In addition, if the damage is located on the driver’s side of the wiper area, you may be fined.

How to stop a windshield crack

Can I repair a cracked windscreen myself?

Despite the fact that you can find many commercially available cracked windshield repair kits, it is, however, not recommended to undertake a DIY repair without appropriate skills. It should be kept in mind that, in order to ensure invisibility of repaired areas, and to restore the original strength of the product, a number of conditions must be met.

In case of damage, take your car to a garage. Car service specialists have the appropriate skills and have all the necessary equipment to carry out high-quality windscreen repairs. For example, in order to stop a crack in windscreen from spreading, holes should be drilled at its ends. To do this, use a rotary tool. In this case, it is very important to accurately calculate your effort so as not to aggravate the problem. In addition, in the process of doing the job, you will need a special tool called scriber, which allows to remove small fragments from the damaged area. In addition, a special ultraviolet lamp is required for polymerization of many compounds. After gluing up the defect, the surface is usually ground, which also involves the use of appropriate equipment and special agents.

Windshield crack repair

When do I need to replace the windscreen?

 Not all defects are repairable. Typically, small ones can be repaired. You will need to replace the glass in the following situations: 

  • there are defects in the driver’s field of vision;
  • a chip is located less than 25 cm from the edge of the windscreen;
  • the diameter of the defect exceeds 1.5 cm;
  • a crack touches two or more windshield edges;
  • small cracks cover more than 30% of the windscreen area;
  • perforation damage;
  • defects that impede the operation of other components – heating elements, light and rain sensors, etc.

What do I do if defects appeared on the windscreen?

 Take the following measures: 

  • Stop the car.
  • To prevent moisture and dirt from getting into the crack, which may make the part unrepairable, protect the damaged area with adhesive tape. But make sure that the tape does not come in direct contact with the damaged area. To do this, use paper or cellophane as an insulator.
  • Do not try to stop a windscreen crack from spreading by filling it with superglue or nail polish. This won’t only be of any help, but will even make the situation worse.
  • Do not leave a car with a cracked glass in a parking lot under the sun. With the increase of temperature in the passenger compartment, the pressure on the windscreen rises, which can lead to even greater damage.
  • If the defect is located within the driver’s field of vision, raise or lower the seat to improve the visibility.
  • Try to take your car to specialists as soon as possible. On the way to the garage, try to avoid poor quality roads, and drive smoothly. Shocks and vibrations can cause the further crack propagation.

How to fix a chipped windshield


Repair cracks on windscreen will only help to restore its initial appearance if done by the professionals. Moreover, the sooner you seek the help of the specialists, the higher the likelihood of obtaining a quality result of the job. Our tips will help you get to a garage with no risk of aggravating the problem.

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