How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Gloves

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Gloves

High-quality motorbike gloves increase the safety level of a motorcyclist and are therefore a must for every motorbike rider’s gear. They guard against rain, cold and insects –  and the rider –  in the event of a fall. “Not a yard without motorbike gloves” is therefore the standard for many experts.

What to look for

Good ones are usually made of cow, calf, goat, or kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is considered particularly safe because it has the best abrasion resistance. To protect the metacarpals and the phalanges, they have inserts made of high-tech materials, e.g. Kevlar or carbon. Experts generally recommend this type as the best, because it is the safest option

They usually have different materials on the palm and back of the hand. The palm should be made of a material that is non-slip, robust, and has a good grip. This is because in the event of a fall, most motorcyclists automatically lean on the palms of their hands. If metal rivets are used, make sure that they are insulated. In the event of a fall, and the subsequent slide on asphalt, these rivets heat up, which can lead to burns.

Before you buy a pair, you should be aware of exactly what they are needed for. The first consideration is the intended use. Whether for sport or touring, off-road or on the road – there are many different kinds to choose from. It also matters whether they are used for summer or for winter or more often in the rain. It is important to meet all the criteria that are important for safety. They should fit perfectly and comfortably and not disrupt your “connection” to the vehicle. Your fingertip sensation should stay the same when you handle the vehicle.

A pair for every season 

A summer pair is made especially for warm days and should be thin with good ventilation. Even though it can be very hot in summer, you should never ride without them. Winter motorcycle gloves should provide protection against the cold, and – of course – be waterproof. Heated ones lengthen your ride in the colder temperatures by supplying warmth to your hands so you can stay agile and in control. Some heated gloves plug directly into the motorbike battery and provide more warmth than the 7 V models that use a stand-alone lithium battery. These are the best heated motorbike gloves to keep your hands warm on your next cold winter ride. When it comes to motorbike gloves, there is no real all-rounder, so it is recommended to have at least three different pairs. Thicker ones are ideal for the transitional seasons (spring/autumn), thinner leather ones for summer and a winter pair for all-season riders.

Race gloves

Race gloves

Racing gloves are designed for track use and aggressive biking. They are manufactured from leather and have a gauntlet. Gauntlets ensure that they remain on the hand in case of a fall, and they can also have more protective features. Look for knuckle protection and reinforcements, as well as other race track specific features.

Fingerless motorcycle gloves

Fingerless motorcycle gloves

The fingerless style provides greater ventilation, but still protects the wrists and palms. They are not as warm as the full-fingered ones but are more comfortable in the warm weather. It is also easier to grasp and handle smaller objects when the fingers are not fully covered.

How to measure for motorcycle gloves

Not knowing how to select a proper size can affect your safety.  A very large sizing will impact the grip and feel of the controls of the motorcycle and be more imprecise. It is very necessary to know which size you need.

Using a tape measure, you should begin measuring your hand with the knuckle of the little finger and end in the same spot after measuring the full circumference, with the flat of the hand and excluding the thumb. You shouldn’t close your fist or squeeze your hand. Now you need to compare this to the sizing guide of the model you are interested in. The measurements in the size charts are usually very specific and, if your are in between sizes, it is recommended to choose the larger one.

Best in the UK

There are many great brands to choose from such as the Rev’it Neutron 3 which received positive reviews for warmer weather. If you are keeping an eye on your pocketbook, Tucano Urbano Andrew and Weise Streetfight are highly recommended. There are so many choices and varieties, that you are sure to be able to find the right ones to suit both your needs and your budget.


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