Types of Motorcycle Luggage 

Types of Motorcycle Luggage 

There are a handful of options to keep in mind when you decide to buy motorbike travel bags. Top cases sit on the luggage rack or can be mounted on the passenger seat, tail bags are located on either side of the motorbike at the rear, and tank bags attach to the tank of your motorbike. These are the main places where bags can be fitted to the majority of motorbikes, and the designs that most manufacturers target with their motorbike luggage. Which type you choose is a matter of where you want to ride, if you do a lot of touring, the type of bike you have, and if you need to take your things with you when you have parked your bike.  

Motorcycle luggage systems – the favourite; The Backpack

The backpack is, and will always be, the most universal motorcycle bag. Everyone has one.

But there are now also many models designed specifically for motorcyclists. Fitted with wide shoulder straps, adjustable straps around the hips and torso, and a compartment for a helmet, they are ideal for short journeys. However, longer trips are not recommended, because the storage space is limited and it can soon become a strain on the back. The ends of the straps can flap around annoyingly at higher speeds. Aside from that, there is a high risk of injury in the case of an accident. If a passenger rides with you, they, of course, have to strap on the backpack.

Luggage roll

Another simple option is the luggage roll. It is quickly fastened to the bike with tightening straps. However, when using a luggage roll, there is usually no more room for a passenger, as it is often fastened to the passenger’s seat. With an additional carrier, the luggage roll can also be strapped to the rear. Those who like to keep things tidy might have a problem with this because with only one compartment, there are not many packing options.

Luggage roll

Tank bags 

Before buying a tank bag, take a close look at your tank.  Although the range of models is diverse, it is not universal. Magnet systems, for example, naturally do not hold well to a plastic tank. Models equipped with retaining rings are fastened to the tank cap with a special quick-release fastener – this works on almost every motorbike with a central tank cap. Tank bags with straps can be attached to nearly every bike. Many models are now waterproof and come in all sizes with different pockets, so there is a suitable bag for every motorbike.

The deluxe model includes a cover that stays on the tank at all times and protects the paint, as well as the actual transport bag, which is attached to the cover with quick-release fasteners. Some models can also be changed into a backpack. The benefit of a tank bag is that its weight only slightly shifts the overall centre of gravity of the whole bike, and rather increases the front wheel load. As a rule, heavy goods should therefore be carried in a tank bag. The main drawback is that most of them have to be detached for refuelling.

Motorcycle tank bags for dogs 

Take your four-legged friend with you wherever you go. Your four-legged friend is guaranteed to enjoy this and accompany you on every adventure. There are a variety of bags available from relatively inexpensive to custom-made. If you decide to purchase one for your dog, the size and weight of the dog must be taken into account. 

Tail bags 

Tail bags 

Soft bags, also called tail or saddlebags, are the soft version of the top case. The passenger is happy, because with soft bags there is enough room for them too. Thanks to Velcro fasteners or straps, the soft bags fit on every motorbike and especially sports motorcycles look really good with them. In many cases, they are not waterproof and require additional covers. The size of many models can be adjusted in various ways.

Hard luggage case systems

These have many advantages: Located on the left and right of the motorbike, they offer a lot of space. They are very robust, can be locked, and are waterproof. In terms of price, however, they are at the top of the range in comparison to the other systems. In addition, they are sometimes very bulky. They are fastened to the bike with special straps. Many manufacturers now offer specially designed models for their high-priced motorbikes, with holders that are discreetly installed at the rear of the motorbike. The luxury model even offers remote unlocking and an alarm system. 

Handlebar bags

Often equipped with many fastening options, this style can also be used as a frame, or even a belt bag. Motorbike handlebar bags are small and practical for taking along things like your wallet or mobile, glasses, and bike documents.


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