A2 Motorcycle Licence

A2 Motorcycle Licence

Getting an A2 motorcycle licence – also called “Restricted” – at 19 or over is the quickest and cheapest way to move on to an unrestricted motorbike licence for younger riders.


  • i You must have had the A1 for two years – OR completed CBT (Compulsory Basic training – £125 – one day.
  • i You must have passed a theory and perception test – £23 one hour.
  • i You must pass a two-module practical test taken on a bike between 20 and 35 kW. Mod.1 – £15.50 and Mod. 2 – £75. These take one hour each.

If you are over 24, you can take part in a DAS (Direct Access Training) course after the CBT and theory to go directly for your A licence after passing the Module 1 and Module 2 tests. The course is usually a few days long, and can cost around £550, so you can expect to pay around £700-800 in total for tests and training.

If you have had one for two years or more, you can now apply to take the unrestricted one. 

What are A2 bikes

If you have an A2 licence, you can ride a motorbike with a power output not exceeding 35 kW (47 hp) or 0.2 kW per kg of weight. You can, however, ride motorbikes with a power output of up to 70 kW, if you build a restrictor into it. Some examples are the Honda Cb-1 and the Kawasaki Z800E.

What is a restrictor

This is a way of limiting the power output of the motorbike to the legal maximum of 35 kW. There are 3 ways to do this based on the model of the motorbike. You can change the ECU, install an intake and/or throttle limiter, or put in an inlet or carburettor throttle


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