What happens if you wait too long to change your oil?

What happens if you wait too long to change your oil?

It’s important to check your car’s engine oil level, and it’s easy to top up engine oil yourself whenever you find it’s too low, but you can’t keep topping it up forever. You also need to drain it fully and refill it from time to time, and fit a new filter when you do. This is an easy job to handle yourself, but what happens if you don’t change your oil regularly?

Voided vehicle warranty

Voided vehicle warranty

Failure to service your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendations could lead to the warranty being full or partially voided, and these recommendations usually include regular oil changes. Check the owner’s manual to find out the specific frequency recommended for your car and keep a record of all routine maintenance you carry out.

Wear and tear of engine components

Over time, motor oil picks up dirt, debris, and soot, while heat and friction cause it to lose its properties and can change its viscosity. Dirty oil can clog the filter and cause low oil pressure, meaning less lubricant moving through the system. This leads to increased wear and tear and can easily result in premature failure of components.

Overheating engine

Reduced lubrication also means reduced cooling, and the risk of the engine overheating. This can cause leaking seals, warped cylinders, or a blown gasket, and should under no circumstances be ignored.

Overall engine failure

If left unchanged for too long, motor oil will not be able to perform its essential functions and you could be looking at total engine failure. So it’s important to know how often an oil change is needed. The recommended intervals depend on your vehicle’s age and engine type, the driving conditions, and the product you’re using.

So remember to carry out this job on time and save yourself a lot of potential hassle down the line.


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