How to get rid of a bad smell in your car

How to get rid of a bad smell in your car

 7 simple steps 
  1. Regularly clean your car interior.
    Use a vacuum cleaner, special agents and, if necessary, wipes and brushes. Wipe all surfaces inside the car. Check the operating instructions before using any product. After cleaning, vent the interior and let it dry.

  2. Remove any rubbish from the car.
    Make sure there isn’t any rubbish underneath the seats, the mats, the child seat, the glove box, or in the boot.

  3. Clean the ashtray regularly.
    Keep the ashtray clean if you smoke inside the car: remove cigarette butts and ash, and rinse the tray thoroughly. Not smoking inside the car at all would be the best solution.

  4. Wipe up any spilled liquids immediately.
    Use absorbent cloths, wipes, sponges or paper towels. Wipe gently – do not rub. Apply special agents if necessary. Be sure to vent the car interior after you’ve cleaned up the spill.

  5. Replace the cabin filter in time.
    The average service life of a cabin filter is 10,000–15,000 km.

  6. Clean the air conditioning system.
    You can try to clean the air conditioning system yourself using special products, but we recommend you contact specialists and for an AC antibacterial treatment service.

  7. Use air fresheners.
    Choose the type and fragrance of air freshener you like best. Only use air fresheners after the source of bad smell has been eliminated and not to try to cover it up.
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