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Common questions about replacing a wheel hub

How can I tell if a wheel hub is faulty?

It is possible to detect failure of a wheel hub with a replaceable bearing by inspecting it. Corrosion spots and cracks are clearly visible to the naked eye. When changing the bearing, you may also find that its seat is destroyed. If the axle nut is reused or the flange is deformed, hub wobbling or brake pedal vibration may occur. However, the real cause of these phenomena can only be determined using special equipment at a garage. In one-piece hub assemblies, it is usually the bearing itself that fails. You can tell this by indirect signs such as humming while driving, poor handling, or a feeling of vibration in the steering wheel. A detailed diagnosis should be made by professionals.

What causes damage to the wheel hub?

The service life of the hub assembly depends on the vehicle operating conditions. Poor quality roads, aggressive driving, repeatedly overloading the luggage compartment, hitting a pothole or curb at high speed, and exposure to moisture and deicing salts are the main causes of premature hub wear. In addition, its breakdown can be caused by installation errors and over- or under-tightened nuts.

Do I need to change the wheel hub together with the bearing?

Yes, these parts should be replaced together. Trying to press out the old bearing will inevitably lead to its damage, so the component must not be reused.