Types and features of run-flat tyres

Types and features of run-flat tyres

What are run-flat tyres?

Run-flats are tyres that allow you to continue driving after a puncture and maintain control of the vehicle at a speed of up to 80 km/h and distances of up to 50–90 km.


  1.  Tyres with reinforced sidewalls 
    Stiff and durable sidewalls support the vehicle’s weight, preventing the tyre cord from touching the rim.
    They’re made of a special heat-resistant compound.
    The distance the punctured tyre can cover ranges from 50 to 90 km.
    The maximum speed ranges from 50 to 80 km/h.
  2.  Tyres with a support ring 
    A special ring ensures rigid support along the entire circumference of the tyre.
    These tyres can withstand heavy loads.
    They can be driven on without speed restrictions even after a puncture.
    The maximum distance the punctured tyres can cover is up to 320 km.
  3.  Self-sealing tyres 
    There is an additional sealing layer made of viscous polymeric material under the tread.
    In case of a puncture, it flows out and hardens, blocking small holes and maintaining tyre pressure.


  1. You won’t lose control of the vehicle in case of a blowout.
  2. You don’t have to replace the wheel immediately and on your own.
  3. You don’t have to keep a spare wheel in your car.
  4. Run-flat tyres withstand mechanical damage better.
  5. You can save on roadside assistance services.


  1. High price
  2. Increased tyre weight
  3. A harsher ride
  4. Wear out faster
  5. Not all garages will work with them
  6. They can’t be repaired


DSSTDunlop Self Support SystemDunlop
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ZPSZero Pressure SystemYokohama
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ZPZero PressureMichelin
EMTExtended Mobility TireGoodyear
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XRPeXtended Runflat PerformanceKumho
TRFToyo Run FlatToyo


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