How to extend the lifespan of your engine

How to extend the lifespan of your engine

 8 secrets to longer engine life 
  1. Regularly check your engine oil level.
    A lack of oil in the system causes abrasive wear of engine parts.

  2. Change your engine oil and filter according to the prescribed schedule.
    Over time, the lubricant gets contaminated and loses its properties.
     Be aware:  aggressive driving causes your engine oil to degrade twice as fast.

  3. Maintain the engine operating temperature.
    Overheating and warming up too slowly can both be harmful to the engine.

  4. Check that all sensors are functioning properly.
    Their incorrect readings could result in engine breakdown.

  5. Change the air filter regularly.
    Dirt in the air entering the engine can destroy it.

  6. Don’t use worn spark plugs.
    This puts extra strain on your engine, and causes spark knock.

  7. Regularly check the valvetrain parts.
    A bad belt or tensioner can cause low compression in the cylinders.

  8. Use high-quality fuel.
    This will help reduce carbon deposits in the combustion chambers and extend the service life of your fuel system.


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