How to extend the life of your turbocharger

How to extend the life of your turbocharger

 6 easy steps 

  • Start the engine and let it idle for a while.

    A few minutes is enough for oil to lubricate the parts of the turbocharger, preventing dry friction and its consequences.

  • Idle the engine for at least 30 seconds before you shut it down.

    This will also help prevent oil starvation.

  • Don’t put too much strain on the engine for the first five minutes of driving when it’s freezing cold outside.

    Give the oil time to warm up properly.

  • Replace consumables in good time.

    If the oil filter and oil are dirty, this increases the abrasive wear of the turbocharger’s friction pairs. Failing to replace the air filter on time may cause the turbocharger to overheat.

  • Make sure the lubrication system is working properly.

    Oil pump failure, a defective oil filter valve, or leaky oil pipes often result in premature wear of the turbocharger.

  • Do not use sealant to connect the flanges of the oil pipes.

    Pieces of sealant can break off and clog the pipes, increasing engine wear due to lack of oil in the system.


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