When to replace the Oil Filter on your BMW X1
Recommended replacement interval for the part category Oil Filter : 12 month / 15000 km
This replacement procedure can be used for:
BMW X1 (E84) sDrive 18 i, BMW X1 (E84) sDrive 18 i View more

The steps may slightly vary depending on the car design.

This video shows the replacement procedure of a similar car part on another vehicle

All the parts you need to replace – Oil Filter for X1 (E84) and other BMW models
Replacement: engine oil and filter – BMW X1 (E84) convertible. Tools you might need:
All-purpose cleaning spray
Oil filter cup socket 86/16 F
Drive socket # 17
Ratchet wrench
Torque wrench
Flat Screwdriver
Oil drain pan
Microfibre towel
Fender cover
AUTODOC recommends:
  • Replace the oil filter every time when changing motor oil.
  • Please note: all work on the car – BMW X1 (E84) convertible – should be done with the engine switched off.
  • Wear gloves to prevent contact with hot liquid.
Carry out replacement in the following order:
  1. Step 1
    Open the hood.
    Step 2
    Use a fender protection cover to prevent damaging paintwork and plastic parts of the car.
    Step 3
    How to change Oil Filter on BMW X1 E84 2009 - free PDF and video manuals
    Unscrew the oil filler plug.
  2. Step 4
    Lift the car using a jack or place it over an inspection pit.
    Replacement: engine oil and filter – BMW X1 (E84) convertible. Tip:
    The vehicle must be on even keel, and if it is at an angle, the drain plug must be at the lowest point.
    Step 5
    How to replace BMW X1 (E84) xDrive18d 2.0 2010 Oil Filter - step-by-step manuals and video guides
    Put a waste oil container with at least 6 l capacity under the drainage hole.
  3. Step 6
    BMW X1 E84 sDrive 18 d 2011 Oil Filter replacement: free workshop manuals
    Unscrew the drain plug. Use a drive socket #17. Use a ratchet wrench.
  4. Step 7
    Changing Oil Filter on BMW X1 (E84) xDrive23d 2.0 2012 by yourself
    Drain the used oil.
    Replacement: engine oil and filter – BMW X1 (E84) convertible. Tip from AUTODOC:
    Caution! The oil may be hot.
  5. Step 8
    How to remove BMW X1 xDrive20d 2.0 2013 Oil Filter - online easy-to-follow instructions
    Unscrew the oil filter. Use the 86/16 F socket.
  6. Step 9
    How to replace Oil Filter on BMW X1 (E84) 2014: download PDF manuals and video instructions
    Remove the oil filter.
  7. Step 10
    How hard is it to do yourself: Oil Filter replacement on BMW X1 E84 sDrive16d 2.0 2015 - download illustrated guide
    Prepare a container for the old oil filter. Put the old oil filter in the container.
    Replacement: engine oil and filter – BMW X1 (E84) convertible. AUTODOC experts recommend:
    Move up the container. The oil starts to drain out of the drainage hole immediately after you have removed the oil filter.
  8. Step 11
    Need to know how to renew Oil Filter on BMW X1 2009? This free workshop manual will help you to do it yourself
    Cover the oil filter housing with a microfibre towel to prevent dirt and foreign objects from getting into the system.
  9. Step 12
    Changing of Oil Filter on BMW X1 E84 2010 won't be an issue if you follow this illustrated step-by-step guide
    Detach the oil filter from the filter cover.
  10. Step 13
    BMW X1 sDrive18d 2.0 Oil Filter replacement: online guides and video tutorials
    Remove old o-rings from the oil filter cover. Use a flat screwdriver.
  11. Step 14
    Replacing Oil Filter on BMW X1 E84 2012 xDrive18d 2.0 by yourself
    Clean the oil filter housing cap. Use all-purpose cleaning spray.
  12. Step 15
    X1 (E84) xDrive20d 2.0 2013 Oil Filter DIY replacement workshop manual
    Install new O-rings and a new oil filter to their mounting seats on the filter cover.
    Please note!
    Make sure to install the filter correctly. Don't mix up the sides of the part.
  13. Step 16
    How to change Oil Filter on BMW X1 (E84) 2014 - tips and tricks
    Remove the microfibre towel from the oil filter housing.
  14. Step 17
    Step-by-step recommendations for DIY replacement BMW X1 E84 2015 xDrive20d 2.0 Oil Filter
    Clean the oil filter seat.
  15. Step 18
    DIY replacement of Oil Filter on BMW X1 (E84) xDrive 20 d 2009 is not an issue anymore with our step-by-step tutorial
    Lubricate the rubber seal of the new filter with a little amount of fresh oil.
  16. Step 19
    How to change Oil Filter on BMW X1 E84 2009 - free PDF and video manuals
    Screw the new filter into its place.
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