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Changing Thermostat: video tutorials

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Frequently asked questions about replacing the thermostat

What are the signs of a malfunctioning thermostat?

If the thermostat fails, the engine may warm up to operating temperature very slowly or, conversely, quickly overheat. When the car speeds up, the engine temperature can drop sharply, and rise just as rapidly when the car is standing still. The efficiency of the heater decreases. Thermostat failure is also indicated by the temperature of the lower radiator pipe: if it becomes warm immediately after starting the motor, it means that the valve of the component is stuck open. On the other hand, a cold pipe when the engine is at operating temperature indicates that the valve is stuck closed.

Can I use a car with a broken thermostat?

No, you cannot. The thermostat must be in good condition, since the operation of the cooling system directly depends on it. When the valve is constantly open, the antifreeze will flow through the large cooling circuit, which will significantly increase the engine warm-up time. This accelerates wear of the engine and increases the strain on the lubrication system. If, however, the thermostat valve is constantly closed, the coolant will not pass through the radiator and won’t be cooled, which leads to the engine overheating.

How do I fix a stuck thermostat valve?

If while scanning your car the “stuck thermostat valve” fault code is discovered, this indicates that the component is faulty. The only way to solve the problem is to replace the thermostat.