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Changing Fog Lights: step-by-step guides

Here you will find helpful guides and tips for replacing the Fog Lights on popular car models. Following the professional recommendations of our experts will help you to replace the Fog Lights yourself. Select your car in the selector and download free manuals and videos.
Changing Fog Lights: video tutorials

Most viewed video tutorials on the installation of Fog Lights

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  • Fog Lights replacement - tips for MAZDA
    How to change fog and parking light lamp bulbs Mazda 626 GF TUTORIAL | AUTODOC
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Changing your LED and Xenon Fog Lights - best practice guide

Video instructions for changing the Fog Lights – playlist by AUTODOC CLUB

  • Change the Fog Lights yourself – free instructional video
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Frequently asked questions about replacing fog lights

Can I install fog lights on a car that doesn't have them?

In most modern cars, the manufacturers provide for the possibility of fog lights installation. For this, the bumper usually has special holes closed with covers. If necessary, they can be removed and the lights installed. However, connecting them will require working with the vehicle’s wiring system. Therefore, it is better to entrust the work to professionals.

Do fog lights help at night?

Yes, they do, especially when it’s snowing, raining, or foggy at night. They emit yellowish light, which due to a smaller refraction angle provides better illumination. These lights form a flat wide beam that spreads right over the road, which prevents the driver from being dazzled by the light reflected from raindrops, the sheet of snow, or fog. In addition, even in conditions of good visibility at night, fog lights can be an excellent addition to the low or high beam, if this is allowed by the legislation of the country you’re in, as they illuminate the road side and the area directly ahead of the car very well, which greatly improves driving safety on low-quality or winding roads.

How far must the fog lights illuminate the path ahead?

Fog lights should illuminate the area directly in front of the vehicle itself. However, the lighting distance depends on the vehicle type and the lights’ location and adjustment. The light beam produced by the fog lamps must be directed downwards. Accordingly, in cars where the headlights are higher up, the lighting distance may be greater.