Geartronic — gear boxes for Volvo cars

Geartronic — gear boxes for Volvo cars

Geartronic is a manumatic gearbox with a hydraulic torque converter and a manual mode function, which is used on Volvo passenger and commercial vehicles. It was released in the 1990s. It is now available on almost all models of the make. The manual mode allows the driver to take control of the vehicle if necessary; for example to improve its off-road capability or dynamics in certain driving situations.

How Geartronic works

By default, the Geartronic operates as an automatic transmission, independently calculating and changing the gear ratio. In order to switch to manual, the driver slides the gear lever into the “+S-” slot and then to “+” or “-”, depending on the gear they want to shift to. Many modern Volvo models also have paddle shifters for manual transmission control. After switching to manual, the colour of the dashboard indicator “+S−” changes to orange, and a number appears to indicate which gear is engaged.

Popular Geartronic versions

Gearbox code Manufacturer Number of gears Max engine capacity, L Max engine torque, N·m Production start Model applications
AWTF-80 SC Aisin 6 2.5 450 2001 Volvo C30 I; Volvo S60 I, II; Volvo XC60 I; Volvo S40 II; Volvo XC70 II
AW55-50SN Aisin 5 3.5 320 2000 Volvo S40 I, II; Volvo S80 I, II; Volvo S60 I; Volvo V70 I
4T65-E General Motors 4 3.8–5.3 380–440 1996 Volvo XC90; Volvo S80
TG-81SC (AWF8F35,  AWF8G45, AWF8F45) Aisin 8 3.5–4.5 350–480  2013 Volvo S60 I; Volvo XC40 I; Volvo S90 I; Volvo XC90 I; Volvo S80 I;  Volvo V90 I; Volvo XC60 I
TF-80SD Aisin 6 3.0 450 2010 Volvo V40 II; Volvo V70 III; Volvo V50 I; Volvo XC70 II; Volvo S60 II; Volvo XC60 I

Common malfunctions of Geartronic 

The solenoids of the torque converter get clogged if the transmission fluid isn’t replaced on time.AW55-50SN, TG-81SC.
Mechanical elements of the transmission start wearing if the transmission fluid level is too low.AW55-50SN.
The planetary gear shafts break frequently.AW55-50SN.
The torque converter lockup clutch wears out.TG-81SC. 
The sleeve or seal of the left driveshaft axle starts to leak.TG-81SC.
The bearings are prone to failure.GM 4Т65Е. 


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